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With green products, we help to keep our environment safe and all of your facility maintenance staff healthy and happy!

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Environmentally friendly & specialty chemicals

Our focus is to provide highly effective, eco-friendly and green formulas to help you with your facility maintenance.

With our green chemicals and cleaning solutions, we are helping you to remain healthy while getting your job done. Say goodbye to dangerous toxins, bad health and many other problems that arise from other chemicals and cleaning solutions.

With green products, we help to keep our environment safe and all of your facility maintenance staff healthy and happy!

  • Odor control
  • HVAC Issues
  • Spills and Leaks
  • Plumbing Issues
  • Sanitization and Disinfection
  • And much more
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Here's what our customers say!

We have a lift station that pumps the Café effluent to the grease trap. Buildup on the internals, smell and insects made our work difficult. After installing a Pro Battery Drain Chief and using Liquidase 250, we didn’t have to clean the lift station. Smell and insects also disappeared. Thanks, TGCS!

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I constantly use BioGuard Condensate Pan Treatment to keep pans clear of scum and mold, ClenAir Gel to eliminate odd odors, and LiquiMelt Plus for snow and ice pre-treatment. The Green Chemical Store is my first choice when I am searching for an answer to a facilities-related problem.

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I’ve used Pour & Gone non-acid drain cleaner in my hospital buildings for 8 years. There’s no odor once out into the drain. My team appreciates the heat action to clear the line. Pour & Gone is like novocaine … give it the recommended time to work, and it does!

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I had a leak incident with an old diesel generator. It was a HUGE mess! My team used CocoAbsorb, and in 10 minutes we had the leak cleaned with no residue. My contractor was so impressed with the clean-up that he thought we worked for hours to get that result.

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During the last winter event we had 7 staff cars stuck in ice on the top floor of our parking garage. Once Meltdown 20 granular deicer was applied, the melting process began within minutes. We appreciate the sand/clay residual instead of white salt on our walkways!

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Our clinical research building has mechanical rooms on every floor. During my routine morning rounds to check equipment, hundreds of cockroaches would scatter as I entered. Once Soytrus was applied to the floor drains the problem disappeared as did any dry p-trap odor!

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Our Sales Consultants are highly trained technicians and are qualified to assist with any and every facility maintenance problem you encounter.


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No matter what facility maintenance problems you have, The Green Chemical Store has the right solution for you.