BioGuard A/C Condensate Pan Treatment

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EnviroCon HVAC System Sanitizer

Eliminates odor causing microorganisms

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EnviroCON HVAC system sanitizer

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"We continue to make  available superior green formulas, because we know we are providing a level of service and high quality products that you won't find anywhere else...." Mary Bruce, Owner,

​The Green Chemical Store

Eco-Foam Enzyme Foam Coil Cleaner

Get your HVAC systems ready for Summer.

Eco-Foam Enzyme Foam Coil Cleaner​​

Clean coils help reduce energy consumption

Let us help you with the preventative maintenance of your HVAC systems. Texas summer conditions take a beating on your HVAC equipment.

See our complete line of HVAC Maintenance Products

The Green Chemical Store is the Premier Supplier of Environmentally-Friendly, Specialty Chemicals

for the MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) of facilities in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.

Medical Facilities  |  Commercial Office Buildings  |  Schools  & Universities  |  Manufacturing Plants

NEW!!! HVAC Product


Aerosol coil cleaner (Information coming soon)

BioGuard A/C Condensate Pan Treatment

Prevents drain pan overflow

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