LiquiMelt Plus Liquid Anti-Icer                                                                               

LiquiMelt Plus is used effectively for anti-icing.  A natural saltwater solution that replaces conventional manufactured brine, calcium and magnesium chloride liquids. Naturally contains calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium chlorides, giving it a documented freeze point as low as minus 45 degrees fahrenheit.  Can be safely applied to road surfaces or for pre-wetting rock salt at the spinner and applied to the pavement in temperatures as low as -5 degrees fahrenheit.  Available in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, and 330 gallon totes.

LiquiMelt Plus Spreader/Applicator

Use for the safe and efficient application of LiquiMelt Plus products.

Ice Block Liquid Ice Inhibitor                                                              

This advanced potassium acetate salt-based liquid penetrates quickly to dissolve frost, snow and ice accumulations from a wide variety of surfaces. It can also be used as a pre-treat up to 12 hours prior to storms to prevent accumulation.  The melting action does not generate any heat, is non-corrosive, will not cause damage to surfaces or leave residue, and is non-burning to surrounding grass areas.                                                                                                               

​Winter Products - Granular & Liquid Deicers

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Meltdown 20  Granular De-Icer                                                                                   

Meltdown Beneath Zero contains a blend of naturally occurring Complex Chloride (TM) ice melter, Magnesium Chlorida Hexahydrate and a corrosion inhibitor. The magnesium chloride is a very low-corrosive ice melter and comes from the environmentally friendly process of solar evaporation of salt water. Meltdown 20 is safer for use on concrete and metal, less harmful to landscaping and vegetation, and safe for use around animals.​