BioPlus with Autodose Pump

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Invade Bio-Foam Drain Treatment

Live microbes in a dense foam that degrade organic waste in drains. Excellent p.m. item for ice machine drain lines. The foam fills the entire line for complete pipe wall contact.

​​Soytrus Drain Degreaser                                                                                 

​Soytrus Floating Drain Degreaser and Odor Blanker is the natural, organic way to keep floor drains clean and clear.

- Floats on water layer to seal and mask offensive odors.

- Natural soybean and citrus solvents cuts pipe wall build up.

- Starves drain insects by eliminating their food source.

- Eliminates potential for dry drains due to evaporation.

Safe to Use!

- Biodegradable

- Fresh citrus scent

- No caustics or acids

Offering You a Complete Line of Live Microbes

for Drain & Waste Maintenance

Pour & Gone  Odorless Non-Acid Drain Cleaner

Pour & Gone is a powerful odorless non-acid drain opener.  This formula will clear clogged drains of heir, paper, grease, oil and other organic matter.  Keeps drain lines open and thus reduces malodors. The caustic (alkaline) chemical converts grease-like matter from hard insoluble matter to soapy water soluble matter.

BioPlus Biological Waste Degrader

BioPlus is a USDA authorized concentrated blend of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria specially selected and adapted for their ability to produce large amounts of amylase, protease, cellulase and lipase enzymes important in degrading common sanitary waste.  The bacteria are considered  "new generation" and are impervious to bleach, disinfectants and acid. This product can be successfully used in drains,  grease traps and septic tanks to quickly degrade waste and reduce odors.

High Heat Drain Cleaner                                                                              

​High Heat Drain Cleaner contains powerful caustic granules activated with aluminum needles to quickly unclog drains and sewers and keep them free-flowing.  When added to water, it releases large amounts of heat and turbulence to liquefy, dissolve and loosen fats, oils and other organic matter that typically clog drains and sewer lines. Even though it is extremely powerful, it will not harm drains, pipes and septic systems.  Used in manholes, drains, food plants and packing houses.​​

BioPlus with

Drain Chief Pump

BioPlus with

Autodose Pump


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Eliminate Urinal Scale Delimer                                                                   

Eliminate Urinal Scale Delimer is formulated for quick and easy removal of any type of mineral deposit or film. Eliminates the need for an abrasive type cleaner. Eliminates lime, scale and film. Alkalinity neutralizer for floors and carpets.