CocoAbsorb Absorbent Fiber                                                                                                       

CocoAbsorb is a 100% natural, coconut coir product with no additives, used for the absorption of many products, including hydrocarbons, water-based products, and other liquids that may be expensive to remove or absorb. CocoAbsorb has been approved to be disposed of in landfills in California and Florida for most commonly absorbed products. It has been scientifically proven that the products absorbed by CocoAbsorb will not leach or leak out.  CocoAbsorb is not a dehydrated product and does not contain any silica or harmful dust, as do most of the absorbent products used today.

CocoAbsorb Spill Kit

The CocoAbsorb Spill Kit is pre-packaged and contains all the tools you need to clean up spills quickly.  Great for the Grounds and Landscaping crew to keep in their maintenance vehicles.  Also very handy in manufacturing facilities and industrial garages.

Kit includes CocoAbsorb fiber, scoop, small brush & dustpan and spill control flexible barrier.

Absorbent Spill & Flood Control

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